• Do it again, years later.

    At a conference in the late 2000s, one speaker passionately spoke about not doing the same thing twice. Don’t read a book twice, don’t watch a movie twice, and don’t visit the same vacation spot twice. This advice is as foolish back then as it is now.  As we grow, we change. The way we…

  • Docker Desktop Update Notifications

    Recently, Docker Desktop made the decision to enforce a daily update notification for all users, which can only be disabled by paying customers. ? Within a short period of time, the Community was up in arms, but that seems to not change anything and the Docker team chose to instead continue this path by enforcing…

  • Allow JSON Uploads to WordPress Media Library

    Recently I was working on a project that required the addition of allowing JSON uploads in the media library. While I knew there was a filter for this, it did take some digging to understand why JSON uploads were treated as text/plain (and should be marked as such). Here’s the example, and hope it helps.

  • Fatherless


    Not having a parent when growing up sucks and not having one because that person chose not to be a parent sucks even worse. Psych is without a doubt my favorite TV show. Watching it brings happiness, joy, sadness, laughter and more… which I can watch over and over and over and over… you get…

  • On The Road Again

    On The Road Again

    It has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year and I am happy to finally be able to leave our home while still staying as safe as possible. Thanks to our new Airstream. Feels good to travel and have some sense of normalcy.

  • Go Raiders!

    Go Raiders!

    I have always loved watching football, but never was a fan of a specific team. Back in 2018 I started following the Raiders and now I can honestly say it is official… I am a Raiders fan. Las Vegas Raiders FTW! ?

  • No Shoes @ Home

    No Shoes @ Home

    Floors get dirty. The cleaning industry knows this, and banks in billions each years for vacuums, cleaners and other fancy devices — like a robot vacuum — to keep floors looking clean. However, there is a better solution to assist in keeping floors at home clean: leave outside shoes at the door.

  • Hangul Day – 2020

    Hangul Day – 2020

    Today is Hangul Day, which is a celebration for the creation of the Korean Alphabet.

  • Quickly Clear Safari Website Data

    UPDATE 2023-10-01: The “Block all cookies” setting to clear Safari website data has moved to the Advanced tab, as of Safari 17.0. This setting still performs the same action as described below, although it has moved to a new tab. Often times I find myself needing to clear the website data stored in Safari, and…

  • Multiple Ways to Fix Composer Process Timeout Issues

    Multiple Ways to Fix Composer Process Timeout Issues

    Addressing the occasional timeouts caused by Composer’s default settings, this article provides a concise guide to various solutions, from built-in methods to environment variable adjustments, all provided to fix Composer process timeout issues.