Redirect Lost Posts In WordPress using the Requested URI

Recently I changed my post URLs to include the category before the post slug. While this is a redirect that WordPress can usually handle, I found that redirects coming from my old URL were not routing correct and this snippet fixes that issue.


A New Home Well, for my blog.

Recently I moved my blog from my previous domain ( to this new domain, but forgot to mention why. The main reason is I want to use as a site which primarily shows a little about me and keep my blog on a separate domain.

Besides that, I just thought was a cool domain and also a representation of the pronunciation of my last name: koop-sah

Really, there are no other reasons.


Last Letters Short film by Nils Clauss, Contented

It has been nearly two years since the sinking of the Sewol ferry destined to Jeju, where 304 passengers (mostly young students) lost their lives. Yesterday I discovered this video and wanted to share here, because it reminded me to never forget about those affected by this tragedy.

audio aside

2016 – Year in Review

This past year has been a very quiet on my blog, as I have spent the bulk of the year traveling, reading, studying, working and improving the productivity of my life. I visited eight countries, finished seven books, improved my Korean language and made many friends along the way.

While I cannot pinpoint one thing to mark as the highlight of my year (always been terrible at picking favorites), I really enjoyed seeing friends and meeting colleagues at WordCamp US and WordCamp Sydney. In addition, as always it was a great pleasure to see my family over Thanksgiving holiday, see how much my niece has grown and spend over three weeks with my best friends (they even came to Korea!).

I know that 2016 sucked in many ways (I think John Oliver said it best), but is was also great in many others. So, let’s push for an amazing 2017 and I will see you all in the new year.

Standard aside

Happy Holidays

Time of year when many people visit family and friends, eat delicious food and share in the joy of giving to others is upon us. While I am not one who practices the religious festivities, I do believe that there is one thing we can do to help others and grow as humans: Love.

Love in Philly

Love not only brings us closer to one another, but also allows us to accept the differences and not create holes filled with hatred, fear and anger. It encourages us to think more deeply about the circumstances inhabiting those around us and pushes us to understand and embrace differing views.

Love is all around us and I encourage you to demonstrate your love to another person today and everyday.


Healthier Your future depends on yourself.

When I was younger, I was a much heavier weight (top weight of 265 pounds or ~120 kilos). Over an eight month period in 2003 I lost just over 100 pounds (~45 kilos) and ever since then I try to follow a healthier lifestyle (including,…


Stop Stuck Virtual Box Instance

Recently one of my Virtual Box instances was stuck in the “Stopping” mode and no matter what I did, it would not fully stop. Thankfully, after some digging, this command came in handy.

killall -9 VBoxHeadless

The -9 here is a signal which equates to:

9 KILL (non-catchable, non-ignorable kill)



Headphone Rule To disturb or not to disturb.

More often than not, one of my friends taps me on the shoulder while we are coworking to ask me a question or tell me something. As such, I had to reiterate the headphones rule to which most programmers abide. In doing so I discovered…