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High for Hours By J. Cole

J. Cole really speaks truth in this song and the lyrics are so deep, moving and thought provoking.


Symbolism of the South Korean Flag Explained to my Korean Friends

Every once in a while I ask one of my Korean friends if he/she knows the meaning of the Korean flag and, more often than not, that person has never learned its symbolism (so I treat is as an educating experience).

South Korean Flag

The flag itself would most likely meet Roman Mars’ standards for design and, more importantly, its symbolism is quite beautiful.

In short, the red and blue represent opposing cosmic (positive and negative – respectively) forces, and the outer symbols represent the four elements: heaven (air), earth, fire and water.

You can learn more about the South Korean flag here, and I encourage you to learn the meaning of your Nation’s (and localities) flags as well.

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Love Like Thieves By Dante Decaro

I added this song as a draft over one month ago and when first playing again I could not remember why I did so. However, once the keyboard kicked in, I quickly realized why I like this song so much.


Eight Years Dancing and Tweeting

So, I joined Twitter 2891 days ago (March 10, 2009), which is roughly the same time I started salsa dancing (not that the two are related). Since joining I have tweeted 9,952 times (including the tweet for this article).

This averages out to about 3.442 tweets per day, but most of those were from the early years due to the impact of this quote I found a couple years ago:

The more you say, the less people remember. The fewer the words, the greater the profit. François Fenelon

Personally I believe this quote has two different meanings: say less overall and when you do speak, choose what you say carefully.

Anyway, I think I already know what I will write for my 10,000 tweet.


Warm On A Cold Night By Honne

While this song is not new (originally released in 2015), it was the number one most listened to song on my list from 2016.


A Second Home Newly Renovated and Remodeled

On my list of goals to achieve this month was separating my personal blog from a simple personal site ( While this is not a big task, finding the time to do it was the real challenge. A few weeks ago I managed to move my blog (only facing one redirect problem) and this week I was able to create a simple HTML site for

While is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is not difficult to see the the .com age of domains is dead. Someday I would love to have a .ah TLD (i.e. kopepas.ah), but I am not holding my breath.


Oczy Mlody By The Flaming Lips

While many bands have come and gone since the year I was born (also before and after), The Flaming Lips is still around making music and remains as one of my favorites.