In a democracy, voting is an inherent right, and any restriction on voting is merely a ploy of those in power, to keep power.

November 26th, 2022

One of the most hilarious and disturbing things about the most recent mid-term elections in the United States is Republicans upset by the turn out of young voters. Several prominent anchors on Fox News have even said this is alarming and illegal. 🤣

I suppose they do not want these large young numbers, because they know that vote is most likely not for the Republican Party.

People in power really do not like losing power, and it is funny when they complain about losing due to a completely democratic intervention. Funny, and disturbing.


Black Friday

The fourth Friday in November, just following Thanksgiving in the United States, is meant to signify the start of the holiday shopping season and typically comes with heavily discounted prices.

November 25, 2022

Eight months ago, I made a list. It’s not a naughty/nice list, nor did I check it twice. The list consisted merely of things I wanted to buy, so I could wait for around Thanksgiving, when everything supposedly goes on sale.

However, this year not may of the items on my list will be purchased. Not because these items did not go on sale (most did), but rather because these items went up in price (some over 40% increase) before going on sale. As a matter of fact, one item (an ice maker) I’ve been eyeballing for about two years not only went up in price, but the sale price is more expensive than the non-sale price listed earlier this year. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Now, did this company suddenly have that much of an increase in inflation to warrant this type of a price hike? No, but their greed has pushed them to raise the price anyway.


Enforcing Ports on Companies is Bad

Recently, the EU moved closer to enforcement of ports on user devices, specifically enforcing Apple to use USB-C on iPhones by 2024.

This move sets a very dangerous precedent, AND basically eliminates free markets and innovation, all in the name of less cords. 🤦🏻‍♂️

While it’s a no-brainer that switching to one port is a win for consumers, having a government entity enforce that solution on private companies discourages innovation, limits competition, and ultimately — years down the road — it is going to be a nightmare for a company with an innovative port technology to bring their innovation to consumers.


Do it again, years later.

At a conference in the late 2000s, one speaker passionately spoke about not doing the same thing twice. Don’t read a book twice, don’t watch a movie twice, and don’t visit the same vacation spot twice.

This advice is as foolish back then as it is now. 

As we grow, we change. The way we see and embrace things change. This is the incredible power of being a human: growth and change.

Last month I had the pleasure of rereading two books I read back then, and they merely reminded me of this person’s foolish advice. While both of these books have shaped my last 12 years, reading them now — with the new experience I’ve gained — allowed me to recognize new methodology within the writing.

Very (re)enlightening. 😆 

My advice is to DO IT AGAIN. Re-live that experience. Re-read that book. Re-watch that show. Just give it about 5-10 years. 😉