• Delete GitHub Action Workflow Test Runs using GitHub CLI

    Declutter your GitHub Workflow history by effortlessly removing test runs that start with “WIP”. Dive into how you can automate this cleanup using a simple GitHub CLI extension.

  • Book Readings for Growth
    [2023 Q4]

    This quarter I am revisiting a book I have read before, Deep Work, in order to regain and reemphasize insight into my personal working strategies that I have developed over the years. In addition, I am reading two new books Tiny Habits and A Promised Land. This quarter I am very focused on leadership as…

  • Building a Privacy-Conscious Website with WordPress

    In an era of escalating concerns about data privacy, building a privacy-conscious website is more important than ever. Dive into this comprehensive guide and learn how to leverage WordPress to achieve it.

  • Exploring Washington DC & Some Highlights of WordCamp US 2023

    Exploring Washington DC & Some Highlights of WordCamp US 2023

    Last November I wrote my first notes about sharing my story publicly, with the hopes of sharing this at WordCamp US. At the time, I was not even sure I was ready to share, much less ready to speak at WordCamp US in Washington DC. None the less, I decided to submit my talk, and…

  • My WordCamp US Talk about How WordPress Helped Me, a Reformed Convict

    My WordCamp US Talk about How WordPress Helped Me, a Reformed Convict

    I share my transformative journey from an ex-convict to a successful Lead Software Engineer in WordPress. Discover how societal challenges in the US contrast with opportunities abroad and how the WordPress community became my beacon of hope.

  • Ball and Chain Wapuu!

    Wapuu created for my talk at WordCamp US 2023, and is meant to be a double entendre about both my past and how I am chained to WordPress!

  • Translating Leadership Skills into the Software Engineering Workspace

    Good leadership is vital in all sectors, including software engineering. This article uncovers ways to translate effective leadership skills into a software engineering workspace, inspiring teams to innovate and excel.

  • A Whirlwind Journey of Growing Up In Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley

    In the heart of Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley, I grew up amidst the mesmerizing fury and splendor of weather. From surviving menacing tornadoes to enduring hailstorms in my Ford Explorer, my upbringing was an enthralling weather odyssey. These adventures, imprinted with the melodic lullaby of rain and thunderstorms, shaped my deep respect for nature and led…

  • Transitioning from Lead Software Engineer to Engineering Management

    Transitioning from a lead software engineer to an engineering manager signifies a crucial shift, moving from hands-on coding to leading teams and strategic decision-making. It’s a journey requiring strong communication, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence, combined with maintaining technical expertise. Despite the challenges, this transition offers an opportunity to magnify your impact, inspire a team,…

  • Understanding Pass-by-value in PHP and JavaScript

    If you read my article on comparing PHP and JavaScript arrow functions, there is one relevant discussion that I did not touch in that article, as it is an important concept to grasp. In programming, when we pass a variable into a function, the function can either modify the original variable or create a copy…