Docker Desktop Update Notifications

Recently, Docker Desktop made the decision to enforce a daily update notification for all users, which can only be disabled by paying customers. 😳

Within a short period of time, the Community was up in arms, but that seems to not change anything and the Docker team chose to instead continue this path by enforcing something on the Community it seems to not want for Docker Desktop.

Reading through the Community’s responses for this Docker issue, and comparing those to the summary provided leads one to think the Docker team’s preference outweighs the Community’s concerns.

Most users probably prefer to not be nagged daily about updates. Unfortunately that is a setting the Docker team only reserves for paying customers, not the general Community.

It is true there is a need to ‘balance encouraging people’ to update software, but let’s not mince words. Encouraging someone to update software is not the same as requiring someone to dismiss a popup everyday (yikes, remember those days?).

Could you imagine if all the tools you used prompted you DAILY to update the software? I honestly cannot think of any other user conscious software I use that enforces daily ‘reminders’.

While these changes do not impact our Team, it is a little shocking the decision was made to not follow what the Community voices for its version.

🤞🏻 Docker takes a step back and reviews the Community feedback once again.


Allow JSON Uploads to WordPress Media Library

Recently I was working on a project that required the addition of allowing JSON uploads in the media library. While I knew there was a filter for this, it did take some digging to understand why JSON uploads were treated as text/plain (and should be marked as such).

Here’s the example, and hope it helps.



Not having a parent when growing up sucks and not having one because that person chose not to be a parent sucks even worse.

Psych is without a doubt my favorite TV show. Watching it brings happiness, joy, sadness, laughter and more… which I can watch over and over and over and over… you get the point.

Recently I was watching Game, Set… Muuurder? (S1E13) and in one scene Shawn consults with his father on a case. For some reason, this scene made me reflect on my relationship with my father, which is basically non-existent.

The first memories I have of my father were when I was about 10 years old. There I was, sitting in the back of an SUV with my mother in the drivers seat and grandmother (father’s side) in the passenger’s seat. My brother and I were sitting in the back while we parked in front of a house to drop off my grandmother, and unexpectedly my mother and grandmother leaned back to inform us that my father was inside.

Up until this time, my father had disappeared. While I have heard many reasons over the years for his disappearance, these were simply excuses. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of a terrible “relationship” with the person I now call by first name: Lance Sr.

Before this moment, my mother never spoke ill of my father, but did make it clear that he just vanished one day (sort of a warning, I guess). Had I listened to my mom before and/or know what I know now, I would have avoided having a relationship with him from that very moment. He has been nothing but a negative experience in my life, often stealing things from my brother and me, constantly disappearing on weekends where we are supposed to spent time together and even stealing and selling my very first car (1976 Chevy Nova) that was sold to me by my brother. 🙄

Being fatherless sucked, but having one treat you as if you are worthless sucked even worse.

Thankfully it’s not all doom-and-gloom, because I did have an amazing and honest grandfather (mother’s side) taught me more that I could have ever asked. 🙂


On The Road Again

It has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year and I am happy to finally be able to leave our home while still staying as safe as possible.

Thanks to our new Airstream.

Feels good to travel and have some sense of normalcy.