• Hangul Day – 2020

    Hangul Day – 2020

    Today is Hangul Day, which is a celebration for the creation of the Korean Alphabet.

  • Quickly Clear Safari Website Data

    UPDATE 2023-10-01: The “Block all cookies” setting to clear Safari website data has moved to the Advanced tab, as of Safari 17.0. This setting still performs the same action as described below, although it has moved to a new tab. Often times I find myself needing to clear the website data stored in Safari, and…

  • Multiple Ways to Fix Composer Process Timeout Issues

    Multiple Ways to Fix Composer Process Timeout Issues

    Addressing the occasional timeouts caused by Composer’s default settings, this article provides a concise guide to various solutions, from built-in methods to environment variable adjustments, all provided to fix Composer process timeout issues.

  • Escape to the Ocean

    As the water briskly bumps against the hull, I find myself breathing in the crisp, salty air from the sea. Gazing just above the horizon, there is a faint glimpse of the rock softly peaking in the daylight. As we are sheltered in during this pandemic, time and again I am drawn to my wanderlust,…

  • Know Your Value

    One day my grandfather gave me an old watch, explaining to me that his father carried this watch during his time serving in World War I. Upon giving me this watch my grandfather asked me to take it to the local pawn shop and jewelers to get it appraised. Not quite sure the reason for…

  • Hello (Again) World. ???

    Hello, again and again and again, World. ?? Over the course of my hosting websites I have transitioned sites offline and back online several times, all while auditing the site content to see if I wanted to transition it as well. Now, in the midst of a Global Pandemic, I am once again performing this…

  • Back Online

    Sometimes you have to go offline to understand the next steps.

  • Zoom + Keybase

    Zoom acquired Keybase and the internet went up in arms. The company was having major security issues when everyone transitioned during this Global Pandemic and I, for one, see this as a bold move to demonstrate that Zoom considers security important. Initially, our single top priority is helping to make Zoom even more secure. This…

  • WordCamp Tokyo 2018

    This year I spoke at WordCamp Tokyo and the entire event was a blast. Checkout this amazing “Aftermovie” from the WordCamp Tokyo team. ❤️❤️❤️ Or, if you are so inclined, you can also watch my talk.

  • Keep Safari Pinned Tabs Open

    One of the most annoying things I experience when closing a tab in Safari is when it is the last tab and closing closes the entire window (including pinned tabs). Thankfully, there is a simple remedy to fix this. In System Preferences go to Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and add a new shortcut…