• Translating Leadership Skills into the Software Engineering Workspace

    Good leadership is vital in all sectors, including software engineering. This article uncovers ways to translate effective leadership skills into a software engineering workspace, inspiring teams to innovate and excel.

  • A Whirlwind Journey of Growing Up In Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley

    In the heart of Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley, I grew up amidst the mesmerizing fury and splendor of weather. From surviving menacing tornadoes to enduring hailstorms in my Ford Explorer, my upbringing was an enthralling weather odyssey. These adventures, imprinted with the melodic lullaby of rain and thunderstorms, shaped my deep respect for nature and led…

  • Transitioning from Lead Software Engineer to Engineering Management

    Transitioning from a lead software engineer to an engineering manager signifies a crucial shift, moving from hands-on coding to leading teams and strategic decision-making. It’s a journey requiring strong communication, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence, combined with maintaining technical expertise. Despite the challenges, this transition offers an opportunity to magnify your impact, inspire a team,…

  • Understanding Pass-by-value in PHP and JavaScript

    If you read my article on comparing PHP and JavaScript arrow functions, there is one relevant discussion that I did not touch in that article, as it is an important concept to grasp. In programming, when we pass a variable into a function, the function can either modify the original variable or create a copy…

  • PHP Arrow Functions: A Comparative Analysis with JavaScript Arrow Functions

    This article takes a look at PHP arrow functions, how they compare to JavaScript arrow functions, and some ideal use cases for them.

  • Advantages of Allowed Validation in Software

    Advantages of Allowed Validation in Software

    Allowed validation offers a more robust, efficient, and easily maintained approach to form input validation compared to its disallowed counterpart. So next time you’re creating some application lists, remember to use the party invitations technique, and spare your security guard and host the extra work!

  • Refocusing and Refining My Tech Stack

    In the fast-paced world of software development, I’ve always been something of a Swiss Army Knife. My ability to pick up new tools and technologies at a rapid pace, fueled by an unquenchable curiosity, has been a defining feature of my professional persona.

  • I’ve had two data plans and two VPNs for a long, long time

    I’ve had two data plans and two VPNs for a long, long time

    My life as a digital nomad began when I realized that the world was my oyster, and I wanted nothing more than to explore its vast riches. As I began my journey, I quickly understood the importance of staying connected to both my loved ones and the ever-evolving realm of technology. However, I also knew…

  • It’s been four weeks since I was transitioned into a new role

    It’s been four weeks since I was transitioned into a new role

    Losing my job at GoDaddy was a shock, but it gave me the opportunity to focus on two passion projects: Status Boards and Future Shop. With Status Boards, you can manage WordPress content effortlessly, while Future Shop is the ultimate ecommerce migration tool. Discover how I turned job loss into an exciting new chapter.