A New Hope No, not a Star Wars reference.

No spoiler alerts here, but I recently wrote on my casual site that I would be writing more (on both sites) and wanted to also wanted to share that update here.

Talk soon!


Life Without Regrets Empowering forward movement

We all go through life making decisions to do (or not do) things. However, I was reminded today of something I truly believe and practice: we cannot fill our lives with regret because of our past choices. Question of the Day is a new podcast…


Applications I Use (almost) Daily

Here are some of the applications I use on a regular basis.



Semblance of Stability

Life can be difficult sometimes, but remember that every challenge is merely an opportunity to learn and grow.


RE: Tech Support Helping people makes me feel ecstatic and sometimes I go far out of my way to assist someone; however, I do not think I could mentally handle tech support and admire those brave enough to endure the challenge.


Peace is present right here and now…

Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. Every breath we take, every step we take. — Thich Nhat Hanh (@thichnhathanh) October 28, 2015 I do not usually post quotes, but this tweet struck me very deeply…


Pilon by Los Hacheros

My love for salsa and cha-cha music lives on and this album was a simple reminder of passion for these sweet tunes.


Fortunes by Metric

After listening to their latest release, I had forgotten how much I love this song, album and band. If you have never heard Metric, I highly recommend you take a moment and listen.

Standard Standard

Goodbye Things, it’s time for a new focus: Omnifocus

Although previously an avid user of Things, the task management app which I have used for the last few years, I have been very insistent on switching applications because of the company’s slow iteration and improvements.