Fortunes by Metric

After listening to their latest release, I had forgotten how much I love this song, album and band. If you have never heard Metric, I highly recommend you take a moment and listen.


Reluctant regular expression for matching all characters, including newline.

Recently I was in need of a regular expression while searching though some code and I needed the ability to sift through all characters, including the newline character. While .*? will will match any character (reluctantly), it will not match new lines. By simply adding n? to the expression, you can include the newline character in your match like so:


Goodbye Things, it’s time for a new focus: Omnifocus

Since my reset earlier this year I have been finding new ways to improve my productivity. One of these ways is tracking and managing my todos. Although previously an avid user of Things, the task management app which I have used for the last few…


Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.

Addiction has been present in my family since I was a child and I agree with many of the items Johann Hari talks about in this TED talk. I highly recommend you watch and reconsider everything you know about addiction.



Live. Learn. Teach. Make Mistakes. Fall down. Get back up. Dust yourself off. Find new beginnings. Do not worry. Struggle. Keep moving forward. Teach. Learn. Live. Die. This came to me today out of the blue and really touched my heart. When I read this,…


Fix Vagrant Sync Issues in Dropbox

Keeping VVV in Dropbox (or other online storage/sync service) is a great way to keep code in sync. However, a problem persists when the .vagrant file changes for one machine are synced to the other. This can be solved by changing the VAGRANT_DOTFILE_PATH per machine.

audio Standard Standard

First ride through the city of Seoul

Today I went on my first ride through the city of Seoul. Not along the river or on the bike trails, but through the busy streets, directly in heart of the city. Weaving around vehicles and traveling just as fast as the cars on the road. Exhilarating….