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  • Book Readings for Growth
    [2024 Q1]

    This quarter I am doubling down on developing new habits, and finishing the book by Obama (it’s a looooooong book). This quarter I am focused on developer operations as my topic. This quarter are I diving deeper into React, and taking the following course. Goals Before the end of 2024, I will be a more…

  • Book Readings for Growth
    [2023 Q4]

    This quarter I am revisiting a book I have read before, Deep Work, in order to regain and reemphasize insight into my personal working strategies that I have developed over the years. In addition, I am reading two new books Tiny Habits and A Promised Land. This quarter I am very focused on leadership as…

  • Translating Leadership Skills into the Software Engineering Workspace

    Good leadership is vital in all sectors, including software engineering. This article uncovers ways to translate effective leadership skills into a software engineering workspace, inspiring teams to innovate and excel.

  • Transitioning from Lead Software Engineer to Engineering Management

    Transitioning from a lead software engineer to an engineering manager signifies a crucial shift, moving from hands-on coding to leading teams and strategic decision-making. It’s a journey requiring strong communication, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence, combined with maintaining technical expertise. Despite the challenges, this transition offers an opportunity to magnify your impact, inspire a team,…

  • Refocusing and Refining My Tech Stack

    In the fast-paced world of software development, I’ve always been something of a Swiss Army Knife. My ability to pick up new tools and technologies at a rapid pace, fueled by an unquenchable curiosity, has been a defining feature of my professional persona.