Book Readings for Growth
[2023 Q4]

Each quarter I pick a set of books to read ensuring continual learning and growth. These books are always focused on three main areas (personal, professional, & software engineering), with each book representing growth in one or more of those areas.

Personal Growth

This quarter I am revisiting a book I have read before, Deep Work, in order to regain and reemphasize insight into my personal working strategies that I have developed over the years. In addition, I am reading two new books Tiny Habits and A Promised Land.

Professional Growth

This quarter I am very focused on leadership as my topic, and reading three books from The Arbinger Institute.

Software Engineering

My main focuses for Software Engineering are JavaScript/TypeScript & PHP. As such, most of my readings or courses are centered around these areas; however, occasionally I will insert a book or two about a related topic.

This quarter are I continuing my development in these languages, and reading the following books and courses.


Before the end of the year, I hope to be a more focused, having the ability to develop new habits more quickly, better understand an implement leadership in business, grow more in my PHP expertise, and be a seasoned TypeScript software developer. ?