Refocusing and Refining My Tech Stack

In the fast-paced world of software development, I’ve always been something of a Swiss Army Knife. My ability to pick up new tools and technologies at a rapid pace, fueled by an unquenchable curiosity, has been a defining feature of my professional persona. However, this versatility comes with a caveat. While I’ve dabbled in an array of tools and technologies, I’ve not attained deep expertise in any one.

Throughout my career, I’ve dipped my toes into multiple pools within the software engineering spectrum. Yet, no single deep dive has led to an intimate understanding of one particular technology or skill. I’ve often thought, perhaps this is a trait common amongst my full-stack developer comrades. Despite this, I’ve always seen my multi-faceted adaptability as a valuable asset.

While taking a breather from my role at GoDaddy, I seized the opportunity to introspect. I questioned my technological preferences, evaluated my strengths and areas for improvement, and identified which elements of my work truly ignited my passion. This soul-searching not only pinpointed my place in the vast tech universe but also enabled me to sketch a roadmap that aligns with my personal and professional objectives.

In the constellation of my skills, certain stars shine brighter: leadership, mentorship, organization, planning, agility, problem solving, process automation, team building, ideation, creativity, learning, and growth. Meanwhile, my engineering experience has fortified my knowledge in software development life cycle, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, security, privacy, enterprise programming, scalability, testing, automation, shell scripting, coding standards, unit/E2E/integration testing, and CI/CD, among other areas.

Acknowledging the need for continuous improvement, I’m aware that my foundations in computer science and people management skills warrant further fortification. Looking ahead, I’m committed to focusing on Leadership & Management, JavaScript (with special attention on React and TypeScript), Software Automation & Testing, and my old companion, PHP.

My vision for the future entails a more in-depth exploration of my work, promising personal fulfillment, the potential to nurture growth in others, and an avenue to satiate my relentless curiosity and penchant for problem-solving.

So, let’s raise a virtual toast to this exciting journey that awaits us. Here’s to a future teeming with opportunities for growth, professional success, and technological revelations. Cheers to the journey ahead! ?