Hello (Again) World. ???

Hello, again and again and again, World. ??

Over the course of my hosting websites I have transitioned sites offline and back online several times, all while auditing the site content to see if I wanted to transition it as well.

Now, in the midst of a Global Pandemic, I am once again performing this transition. While these two are completely unrelated, it is definitely something which has been on my todo list for quite some time.

Oooh, something new…

So, what’s new?

Previously this site was hosted as a WordPress single installation Pantheon’s platform. While I still love Pantheon, I have been looking for a solution which could incorporate a WordPress Network of sites, so that management of all sites fall under one roof.

Now, I know what you may be thinking… a Network? Really?

While there are many reasons to use a WordPress Network, often times creating a network in which each site has its own domain is not the best solution for the problem. That being said, if done right a WordPress Network of sites can perform just a well as any single site installation.

Emphasis on “if done right”.

Since Pantheon does not offer WordPress Networks out of the box (you have to get approved by Pantheon and be on a specific Plan), I choose to move off Pantheon and give SpinupWP a try.

Now, after a few months of hosting on SpinupWP, I have to say I am quite pleased with the simplicity of the platform. The ease of deploys and updates, the barely-opinionated structure of repos and the developer centric focus of work is all quite pleasing.

Unlike other platforms, one of the biggest benefits of using SpinupWP is cost (which was a huge decision driver). Currently we are paying about $50 a month to host eight sites; whereas on Pantheon that would cost roughly $280. Sure, there is a little more legwork involved, but I am a DIY type of person already, so I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.

TBH, I feel this will be one of the last transitions I will ever make with my sites (may switch hosts in the future, because you never know ??‍♂️), but will ultimately keep the WordPress Network structure to keep all our sites under one ☂️.

Cheers. ?