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  • I’ve had two data plans and two VPNs for a long, long time

    I’ve had two data plans and two VPNs for a long, long time

    My life as a digital nomad began when I realized that the world was my oyster, and I wanted nothing more than to explore its vast riches. As I began my journey, I quickly understood the importance of staying connected to both my loved ones and the ever-evolving realm of technology. However, I also knew […]

  • Do it again, years later.

    At a conference in the late 2000s, one speaker passionately spoke about not doing the same thing twice. Don’t read a book twice, don’t watch a movie twice, and don’t visit the same vacation spot twice. This advice is as foolish back then as it is now.  As we grow, we change. The way we […]

  • Allow JSON Uploads to WordPress Media Library

    Recently I was working on a project that required the addition of allowing JSON uploads in the media library. While I knew there was a filter for this, it did take some digging to understand why JSON uploads were treated as text/plain (and should be marked as such). Here’s the example, and hope it helps.

  • Quickly Clear Safari Website Data

    Often times I find myself needing to clear the website data stored in Safari, and while Safari does provide a mechanism for accomplishing this task, it is a (minimum) three step process that first waits until the data is loaded before allowing to remove. Cumbersome. 🧐 Thankfully, there is a little trick I use that […]

  • Keep Safari Pinned Tabs Open

    One of the most annoying things I experience when closing a tab in Safari is when it is the last tab and closing closes the entire window (including pinned tabs). Thankfully, there is a simple remedy to fix this. In System Preferences go to Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and add a new shortcut […]