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  • Apple’s Passwords App Won’t Replace 1Password Anytime Soon

    Apple’s Passwords app has sparked debates about the future of password management apps. Some say this means the end for 1Password, but here’s why these apps are here to stay.

  • Enforcing Ports on Companies is Bad

    Enforcing Ports on Companies is Bad

    While it’s a no-brainer that switching to one port is a win for consumers, having a government entity enforce that solution on private companies discourages innovation and limits competition.

  • Do it again, years later.

    At a conference in the late 2000s, one speaker passionately spoke about not doing the same thing twice. Don’t read a book twice, don’t watch a movie twice, and don’t visit the same vacation spot twice. This advice is as foolish back then as it is now.  As we grow, we change. The way we…

  • Docker Desktop Update Notifications

    Recently, Docker Desktop made the decision to enforce a daily update notification for all users, which can only be disabled by paying customers. ? Within a short period of time, the Community was up in arms, but that seems to not change anything and the Docker team chose to instead continue this path by enforcing…

  • Hangul Day – 2020

    Hangul Day – 2020

    Today is Hangul Day, which is a celebration for the creation of the Korean Alphabet.

  • Zoom + Keybase

    Zoom acquired Keybase and the internet went up in arms. The company was having major security issues when everyone transitioned during this Global Pandemic and I, for one, see this as a bold move to demonstrate that Zoom considers security important. Initially, our single top priority is helping to make Zoom even more secure. This…