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  • No Shoes @ Home

    No Shoes @ Home

    Floors get dirty. The cleaning industry knows this, and banks in billions each years for vacuums, cleaners and other fancy devices — like a robot vacuum — to keep floors looking clean. However, there is a better solution to assist in keeping floors at home clean: leave outside shoes at the door.

  • Know Your Value

    One day my grandfather gave me an old watch, explaining to me that his father carried this watch during his time serving in World War I. Upon giving me this watch my grandfather asked me to take it to the local pawn shop and jewelers to get it appraised. Not quite sure the reason for…

  • Headphone Rule ?

    It’s very, very simple. ?? When a person is wearing headphones ?, it’s likely that they are fully immersed and focused on something. To ensure a smooth and respectful interaction, it’s best to reach out via message ? instead of startling them. This approach not only shows consideration for their current state of mind but…