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  • Allow JSON Uploads to WordPress Media Library

    Recently I was working on a project that required the addition of allowing JSON uploads in the media library. While I knew there was a filter for this, it did take some digging to understand why JSON uploads were treated as text/plain (and should be marked as such). Here’s the example, and hope it helps.

  • Quickly Clear Safari Website Data

    UPDATE 2023-10-01: The “Block all cookies” setting to clear Safari website data has moved to the Advanced tab, as of Safari 17.0. This setting still performs the same action as described below, although it has moved to a new tab. Often times I find myself needing to clear the website data stored in Safari, and…

  • Keep Safari Pinned Tabs Open

    One of the most annoying things I experience when closing a tab in Safari is when it is the last tab and closing closes the entire window (including pinned tabs). Thankfully, there is a simple remedy to fix this. In System Preferences go to Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and add a new shortcut…