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  • A Year of Challenges and Triumphs: Reflecting on 2023

    Throughout life, I have learned the importance of resilience and adaptability in both personal and professional life. The year 2023 for me was a testament to these qualities.

  • Exploring Washington DC & Some Highlights of WordCamp US 2023

    Exploring Washington DC & Some Highlights of WordCamp US 2023

    Last November I wrote my first notes about sharing my story publicly, with the hopes of sharing this at WordCamp US. At the time, I was not even sure I was ready to share, much less ready to speak at WordCamp US in Washington DC. None the less, I decided to submit my talk, and…

  • I’ve had two data plans and two VPNs for a long, long time

    I’ve had two data plans and two VPNs for a long, long time

    My life as a digital nomad began when I realized that the world was my oyster, and I wanted nothing more than to explore its vast riches. As I began my journey, I quickly understood the importance of staying connected to both my loved ones and the ever-evolving realm of technology. However, I also knew…

  • On The Road Again

    On The Road Again

    It has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year and I am happy to finally be able to leave our home while still staying as safe as possible. Thanks to our new Airstream. Feels good to travel and have some sense of normalcy.

  • Escape to the Ocean

    As the water briskly bumps against the hull, I find myself breathing in the crisp, salty air from the sea. Gazing just above the horizon, there is a faint glimpse of the rock softly peaking in the daylight. As we are sheltered in during this pandemic, time and again I am drawn to my wanderlust,…

  • WordCamp Tokyo 2018

    This year I spoke at WordCamp Tokyo and the entire event was a blast. Checkout this amazing “Aftermovie” from the WordCamp Tokyo team. ❤️❤️❤️ Or, if you are so inclined, you can also watch my talk.

  • Hello World 👋🏻

    I was born in the year 1983, the year of the Boar, and a year that marked many significant events in history. From the launch of the first commercially available mobile phone to the establishment of the internet as we know it today, 1983 was a year of technological advancements that have shaped the world we…