On The Road Again

It has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year and I am happy to finally be able to leave our home while still staying as safe as possible.

Thanks to our new Airstream.

Feels good to travel and have some sense of normalcy.


Escape to the Ocean

As the water briskly bumps against the hull, I find myself breathing in the crisp, salty air from the sea. Gazing just above the horizon, there is a faint glimpse of the rock softly peaking in the daylight.

Tip of small boat overlooking the horizon in the ocean.
A journey away from land to find peace.

As we are sheltered in during this pandemic, time and again I am drawn to my wanderlust, fortunate to have visited so many places which now seem out of reach.

Let us cherish these fleeting moments. ❣️


WordCamp Tokyo 2018

This year I spoke at WordCamp Tokyo and the entire event was a blast. Checkout this amazing “Aftermovie” from the WordCamp Tokyo team.


Or, if you are so inclined, you can also watch my talk.