Applications OS X & iOS

I am sure there are many more, so I will update this from time to time.

Last updated: 2015-12-03


  • Alfred – Without a doubt, the application which I use the most, with its built in tools for web and local file searchs, to custom workflows which allow me to generate random strings on the fly, shorten a URL with a few commands, create custom search engines which allow me to search specific sites with ease and much more).
  • Slack – Communication with teams (formal and informal). I use Slack for both work and play.
  • Airmail – Desktop mail, remade. There are many competetors to Airmail (Mailbox, Webmail, Mail Pilot), but no matter how often I try the other, I
  • Fantastical – The calander, reimagined. Fantastical allows me quickly create events with simple sentences (e.g. Meeting tomorrow at 8pm) and separate calendars into specific sets for easily focusing on different aspects of my life.
  • Healthier – Take breaks, you need them. I use Healthier to remind me to look away from my computer screen every twenty minutes, for two minutes. Trust me, your eyes will thank you.
  • Pomodoro – Stay hungry, stay focused. Since I use healthier to track my short breaks, I use Pomodoro to help me focus on a specific task for a specific amount of time. My timer is set to 50 minutes with a 10 minute break (which allows me to walk around and move my body every hour) and consists of eight sets with a 45 minute break in between each four (jeez, just typing it sounds complicated).
  • Mindnode – Mostly used for idea generation. When I get stuck on something and want to through it all out on the board (and do not have a white board handy) I use Mindnode.
  • Toggl – Time track everything. Not only do I use Toggle for work, but also for my person productivity (language learning, exercise, et cetera).
  • OmniFocus – Organized task management. It is impossible to stay focused, on task and productive if lack a central location for keeping all of the thing which you have going on in your life. OmniFocus makes that easy.
  • Trello – Agile style task management for teams. OmniFocus does not make sense when involved in something which requires other people’s input. For these project, I use Trello.


  • TextMate – My go too IDE for many years. I have tried other IDEs (Sublime Text, PHPStorm, Atom), but for one reason or other, I always find my way back to TextMate. However, I am thinking of giving Atom another go.
  • Terminal – Defacto tool for really getting shit done.
  • Tower – Git, in a GUI. Sure, git is powerful in the command line, but Tower take the information provided by Git and streamlines it for a person to digest.
  • Transmit – For those enviroments when the command line is simply not available (far and few between these days).

Security & Privacy

  • 1Password – Passwords, organized and secure.
  • Knock – Create secure vaults on any storage device.
  • Hider – Hide private files from *
  • Encrypto – Transfer files between family, friends and colleagues, securely.
  • Hide My Ass – Private VPN for secure internet browsing (also, streaming services from various coutries).
  • Carbon Copy Cloner – Copy files from one disk to another, for extra backups.


  • Karabiner – Customized the controls of your key board inputs. Useful for external keyboards with different keys than your computer.
  • Moom – Completely control your window sizes, easily.
  • Droplr – Quick file uploads, for simple sharing.
  • Bartender – Cleanup your Mac’s menu bar.
  • iStat Menus – Activity data, displayed beautifully.
  • HazeOver – Focus on one application at a time.


  • DayOne – Private journal.
  • Spotify – Listening to music, socially.
  • Tweetbot – A robotic Twitter application.
  • Slack – Communication for teams (or families/friends).