Hitting the Reset Button

There you are, sitting in your chair and happily playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You just reached Ganon with the will of an entire army to defeat him and save Princess Zelda. All of a sudden the screen freezes. You hope that this glitch will just go away, but unlike the buffering of today, this freeze with not fix itself.

You know what you must do. You have to hit reset.

This is what I am doing with my person site. Hitting reset.

Over the years I have published many posts, many I am proud of and some not so much (hindsight, am I right?). Now, I want to refocus my writing on my blog to reflect more about myself, my thought and my beliefs (something my old blog did not do).

So, what’s new? Well, I am now blogging on WordPress.com instead of using my own personal blog. My personal site has always been my online home and over the years, I have recognized that I always wanted to rearrange the look, tweak the performance, or simply play around with the code. While doing this, I lost focus on the content.

In the long run, WordPress.com will save me time and money (see Phillip’s post for more information and my inspiration).

So, what about the old content?

That is a good question and I simply do not have a definite answer just yet.

I do have plans to move many posts, pages and projects over. Some of the other content is very outdated. These may not be moved over, but archive locally instead (for my future reference). In addition, many items are marked as tutorials and these will most likely be moved over to my Gist account.

Moving forward, this blog will transition from a jumbled mess of this and that to a more focused blog about me, my life, my thoughts and my beliefs (as mentioned above).

Looking forward to my next post!

UPDATE: I no longer use wordpress.com, but now host on the amazing Pantheon Platform.