Headphone Rule To disturb or not to disturb.

More often than not, one of my friends taps me on the shoulder while we are coworking to ask me a question or tell me something. As such, I had to reiterate the headphones rule to which most programmers abide. In doing so I discovered this site, but I believe the rule can be applied […]

Life Without Regrets Empowering forward movement

We all go through life making decisions to do (or not do) things. However, I was reminded today of something I truly believe and practice: we cannot fill our lives with regret because of our past choices. Question of the Day is a new podcast which I have listed to from its inception and this […]

Fix Vagrant Sync Issues in Dropbox

Keeping VVV in Dropbox (or other online storage/sync service) is a great way to keep code in sync. However, a problem persists when the .vagrant file changes for one machine are synced to the other. This can be solved by changing the VAGRANT_DOTFILE_PATH per machine.