Setting MacOS Safari to Never Close the Window

One of the most annoying things I experience when closing a tab in Safari is when it is the last tab and closing closes the entire window. Thankfully, there is a simple remedy to fix this. In System Preferences go to Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and add a new shortcut for Safari, with […]

Bartender: Menu Items Management Made Easy

When working remotely, I constantly find myself on video conference calls. Often times these calls require some sort of screen sharing and, at that moment, you see a massive amount menu bar icons distractingly displayed.

Alfred Workflow for macOS Mojave to Switch Appearance

Mojave is out and dark mode is simply wonderful. However, switching from light to dark mode (and vice versa) takes too many clicks. If you use Alfred, use this WorkFlow to easily switch the macOS appearance back and forth, with only a simple command: switch. Please note that this Workflow also has the capability to […]