First ride through the city of Seoul

Today I went on my first ride through the city of Seoul. Not along the river or on the bike trails, but through the busy streets, directly in heart of the city. Weaving around vehicles and traveling just as fast as the cars on the road.


This was the most freeing experience ever while riding and I now understand why bike messengers risk their lives everyday in New York (and other large cities).

I have never been fearful of riding through the city, but have not done it yet because I continually listened to others around me telling me I should not, because of the danger.

Today, I chose not to listen any more.

Yes, it is very dangerous. So is skydiving, scuba diving and even driving. However, we cannot stop ourselves from trying an experience simply because of the danger (or what others say).

Today was one of the best rides of my life and I look forward to many more. The others will just have to deal with their own fear.

Also, I made a quick stop to my favorite salsa club in Seoul and took a break under the bridge.

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