Control Local development environment setup tool.

Over the years there have been numerous occasions when I had to set up a new local development environment and in order to speed up that process I created a tool (private repository) named code which enabled me to quickly setup my environment. As time went by, I kept thinking I should share this tool with others as an open source repository and I have finally finished a published this new tool: Control

Much of my development is centered around WordPress, so there are many tools which assist with setting up a local WordPress development environment quickly using VVV. Typically I use the latest stable tag of VVV, but with drastic changes coming to the provisioning system in version 2.0.0, the reference is currently on develop branch. In addition to VVV, Control also include a submodule reference to PHPCS and WPCS (currently not setup because I use them in Atom synchronously during development). Actually, none of my atom configs are included as I am still working out a way to include a setup script for Atom which does not include specific references to locations on the machine (which could cause failures).

Hope you find Control useful and contributions are welcome on Github.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays