Stop Watching Issues in JIRA Definitely remember this bulk task for later.

The project has ended, but the emails keep coming in, sometimes months down the road. While you are not assigned the issues, at some point during the project you started watching it (either on purpose or unknowingly).

So how can you stop watching all these issues?

It is quite simple with JIRA’s Bulk Change feature. First you will need to filter the issues down to the ones you are watching using this query:

watcher = currentUser()

or this URL:

Once you have the issues filtered, in the top right of your screen you will find the actions button which will allow you to bulk change the filtered issues:

On the next page (Step 1) you will select the issue you want to bulk edit and on Step 2 simply select “Stop Watching Issues”.

Follow the steps and voila. No more unwanted emails.

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