Bacon Ipsum

Use Bacon Ipsum a lot? This Extension will make your life much easier.


Download the latest release and install the workflow via Alfred.


Type bacon to initialize the cooking.

Add up to three ingredients, separated by spaces.

  • Number of sentences/paragraphs/list items/words (e.g 6) (optional)
  • Sentence declaration or an HTML tag – none (default), s (sentence) ul, ol, p, or any header element (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6). (optional)
  • content type – all-meat (default) or meat-and-filler. (optional)
  • Press Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.

NOTE: If no options are supplied, 5 paragraphs will be copied without any HTML tags.


  • bacon 2 – Generates 2 paragraphs (no HTML tags).
  • bacon 5 s – Generates 5 sentences (no HTML tags).
  • bacon 3 p – Generates 3 paragraphs wrapped with tags.
  • bacon 10 ul – Generates 10 unordered list items.
  • bacon 5 h3 – Generates 5 words wrapped in tags.